My Thoughts Lately

Every year it is a tradition of mine to post something that  will  look back of what has been in the past year, most of the time I post it after the New year but this year I want something different, something not usual so I decided to  give it thought  on what is it that  I’m going to share as a first  entry for my page.

After weeks of thinking I decided to post  what  I have been thinking lately, of this 40 something year old life of mine, I know I haven’t achieved that much like any other 40 year old around, I just have a simple life, I’m still doing the same thing that I’ve been doing in the last  10 years however I am  more patient with people, time and circumstances. I value more those that  cannot be bought with money or cannot be taken back like words you said and feelings you share as well as time you spent with people who are important to me like family and friends. I seem to look for places more solemn and quite, and yes solidarity right now is for me more essential than going to party’s or checking the mall, although  I’m still an impulsive shopper, but I am a little bit  improved in that department.  **wink**

This time around I’m focused on how to inspire others,  uplift some down spirit and at least in my own little way,  my thoughts lately is all about sharing my everyday life, hoping that somehow it touches another individual somewhere. sharing positive vibe through words and feelings is something I’m up to lately through pictures I captured and food I made out of the blue.

I don’t have much to offer but  in the fast 4 years I’ve been battling an illness that needs thorough and careful decision on how to deal with it, although it is not as life threatening as cancer but then most of the women who have this type of disease and undergo  the same operation as mine they said went through depression due to hormonal  problems and imbalance. When  I decided to have the operation it was just a decision that came up to my mind because I was already tired of it and I wanted to  have a fresh start of my life minus the illness, hoping in my heart that  everything will goes well,  and it did thank God, the problem is I won’t be able to have a baby because my uterus was removed and I haven’t had one at all, although it does not bother me that much but somehow it made me think of a life without the part that basically made you a woman. Since my operation so far everything is good and I’m back to my normal routines, except for some few body change that is quite tolerable. I’m pretty much  happy and I think the decision I made was after all the right one. Currently I’m starting to travel again which is forever be my first love,  hoping that I’ll find what is ever missing in my life right now, at the same  time I would like to share what is it that I’m up to  and the things I’m doing and hoping that  it will inspire others to go on with life in a more positive way.

I’ll be posting some of  my instagram post in my next blog. Hope to see you here every now and then.  Let’s make each other’s life a little bit better everyday. Cheers.



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