Gurls Bonding @ bahia

‘Twas a spur of the moment decision  to spend  the night somewhere to ease the humid feeling  of  summer night so we decided to go to a near cozy place  and somebody suggested BAHIA in Mactan Cebu  .. off we go .. it’s a hotel resort  with 3 small swimming  pools of sea water ..the entrance fee  is 150 php and 75 php is consumable,  but what is very disappointing is the  8% service fee which  is not really worth it. The water although clean  because   it is filtered before it goes to the  pool but the  size of the  pool is really small that if one  group will  dip in together  it becomes crowded, the only consolation is that the pool set up is safer for the kids. But the  overall experience at BAHIA is not really that  good  it was just fun because  i had a good time  with a good friend.