summer 2013 – first stop oslob, cebu

’twas a summer bonding  of friends who loves adventures and cherished memories. so we decided to  travel to the beach, but not just an ordinary one, to a beach with  friendly giants. Here’s our first  summer fun watching the famous  whale shark in a place not so far  from the city.

It was  a 2 to 3 hour drive  from  the heart of cebu city, we took the  public bus called ceres liner , for less than 5 usd  you’ll enjoy the  travel in an airconditioned bus. We were greeted with this  nice  lady called  gailey at BCD resort. The place is good, the  people are even better,  the staff  as well as the owner were  very accommodating,   what’s lacking is the accessibility of the  food  they don’t have a 24 hour  food service,  so if you want to take your lunch or dinner  you have  to go to a near tiangge or the market  or just simply look for another place  to eat, they can also cook  for you but you have to arrange it with them  in advance, the moment we arrived,  off we go to the  seaside  little  market to ease the  hunger of a traveler, after that we explore the place, what’s good in the place   is that the beach is not yet commercialized so you’ll enjoy the  touch of nature  in a very natural way, the beach is not sandy, it’s actually  so rocky but the waves .. oh the waves is so enticing you can’t help but swim.

The following day was when  the fun begins, whale shark watching was both  unforgettable and breath taking. You only have to  pay about 12 usd for a 30 minute fun with the  whale, that amount includes  the snorkel gear that  you can use if you decide to dip in the water and  have a closer look of  the  whale, but if you only stay in the boat and  just  do the viewing you’ll  have  pay less than     10 usd. It was a 30 minute fun  that you will cherish forever.  Although we decided to not explore the place  but there are other  places to go  to after whale watching like a falls that is  a 5 minute ride from where we are , but we decided to just enjoy the beauty of the sea and  the fun in the sand, we decided to just swim and visit other attractions next time.  As  we prepare to go home this gentle giants sure had put a smile  in our face and happiness in our hearts. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

Here’s a  some pieces of memories we had in Oslob Whaleshark watching. enjoy watching our summer fun with the sea the sand and the shark.

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year ender finale – our way of celebrating new year


this is how we celebrate new year in our subdivision ..we call it  fireworks ,,, food,,, and friends … we reconnect .. rekindle and renew our friendship … hoping that as we celebrate and embrace together the coming year it will strengthen our connections and make our friendship stronger … way to go 2012 …

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year ender 2 – kissing 2011 goodbye …

after  all the Christmas  rush and panic shopping, here’s another  special occasions a lot of  people are anticipating  some  wants it to arrive, and for some, they want the time clock to just stop for a moment so new year’s eve will not  come yet , as for  me , I’m starting to kiss 2011 goodbye.. just like the previous years  I’m going to leave all the pain behind  .. all the shattered dreams and  hopelessness … I’ll try to embrace the coming year  with open  heart  .. open mind.. hoping against hope that  somehow  the happiness that I’ve been looking for in the last few years of my  life will finally find its way to my heart …  it’s not  gonna be easy  but i think I will survive just  like  in the past, however  even if  in this state of  hopelessness I’m taking my chances in any way I can  to  finally arrive to that  place where I feel completely  happy. As i kiss  this year goodbye .. I’m gonna bring with me  the memories of  happy times though not that much but  it helps me a lot .. i’m gonna look forward to a  brighter 2012 with new friends around  and some few old friends to keep. So here we go some few days  before we finally shout  HAPPY NEW YEAR  one and all !!!!

………days after ….

been trying hard to write the  thoughts in my mind that  i’ve been  collecting after i celebrated my birthday… now as i’m recollecting all the memories of that day, ’twas not that  bad after all  … people who used to celebrate with were not around, old friends but new faces was laughing and singing the happy birthday song for me, it was not a happy  one as it used to be but it was worth remembering because in spite of the fact that we are not that close they  celebrated that occasion  with thoughtfulness and care, i never had a birthday full of cakes , it’s been a long time since the last time i personally cook  for my birthday, i never expected some friends will forgot that day , i never expected  some people will try to reach out just to greet me, in some instances i was grateful,l in some i was saddened that those pople i thought was my friends are those that didn’t even bother to find ways to reach me. Now as i look back , it doesn’t matter anymore,  as i move forward i realize that  sometimes no matter how hard, you have to take the journey all by yourself. Today, here i am as i continue with this constantly changing course of life, trying so hard to make it on my own , with nothing  left  except the thought  that i’m alive but not living .. i dunno where i’m going .. i dunno if i will ever reach to the place where i want to be, i dunno if happiness will ever find me again ..maybe just maybe  in my next birthday just like  all the maybes in the last years that  i somehow  will arrive to a place i’ve always wanted to be.

photographs and memories

 a year ago i never thought my birthday would be extra ordinarily memorable celebrating it with people who was never related to me or close to my heart but welcomed me in their place without hesitation… i was amazed and surprised on how they treated me like their own .. the memories still lingers like it was just last night when i arrived in Maasin … lonely .. confused .. bothered of my decision in celebrating my birthday with the Manceras’ .. however the moment i stepped in their doorstep when i saw the genuine smile of their faces i was relieved, i said this is gonna be ok .. and yes it was not just alright it was worth all the travel .. the cake Ainah bought for me .. the happy birthday song they sang with all their might .. i never had such a happy day the way i celebrated it in Maasin .. I’ve been to places ..been to people close, closer and closest but that day was the greatest of them all … the Canigao island adventure trip .. the motorcycling in the city … the singing in the street … ’twas all memories i’m going to keep forever … from that day on a bond that binds  us was created … friendship that i will  keep no matter what happen ..  today another birthday is here to come .. unfortunately … this year it’s all frustrations and depressions .. paranoia and broken dreams .. hopelessness and impossible goals … i wonder what 2nd of July will bring for me this year … i’m done with hoping or praying or wishing or dreaming .. I’ve come to a point where  i’m  exhausted with  life itself.. sometimes i wish i never existed .. sometimes  thinking  or saying a word  is  long  enough to survive ..  right now i’m basically dead at heart and soul  … i’m just going with the flow … wherever this life brings .. i guess i’ve got nothing to lose since I’ve got nothing left … all these  i will hide in my smile .. so shall i say .. birthday hope this year you’ll find the map for happiness for me …<end>

i call you pApA …

they call  you in different ways .. daddy .. dad .. abba .. father..  tatay  … in so many ways  you are described .. in so many ways  you were appreciated … today  everybody is celebrating you’re day .. my memories of you is clear and  simple  you might not  be the best ..there are a lot of things that i think you haven’t  done  for me or  i wish you did.. but then the time i spent with you was worth remembering .. those times  when i am sick  or i get hurt,  i can’t remember  any moment  that you weren’t  there .. those times that  we  don’t  agree at some point but then, you  never stop  to  make me feel that  even if  other  people are part of your  life  i was the  most important  of them all.. you are the  one who taught me that rules are not  so  important for a girl like me,  all i need  is just  love .. that  no matter  how everybody don’t understand  who  really  i am, or  even if  you will never understand the me in me .. I’m  still your daughter  and that  is the only thing  that  matter .. and no matter  how many times  i fail or stumble  … you will always  be  there ready to pick me up and carry me.  now that another  fathers day passed … even if you’re not here  anymore  and the next fathers day to  come  .. even if  you’re not  watching  me anymore the way you did  before …  i will always  be  grateful that i am  your daughter and  yes  i call you PAPA .. cause i will forever be a PAPA’S girl.  Happy fathers day papa  from my heart here on earth to your beautiful soul there in heaven.

Agujo Hibernation

I was looking for a place to hibernate because time and  circumstances are playing  so hard i can’t  take it anymore i just want to  stop for awhile go for a slow ride and breath,   i end up with this place called  AGUJO located at the end  part of Daanbantayan in the province of  Cebu a  4  hour drive from the city, you can either take a  bus at northbound terminal near SM or v-hire for a round trip fare of less than 300 php you will reach this  amazingly beautiful place. The sand is sugary fine and  the shore line when  it’s low tide extends like  until it reaches the horizon the water is so clear you can see the starfish crawling all over and if you want to talk about fresh  air  i can guarantee anybody you’ll get the freshest air you could ever imagine, though it’s along the  highway the sea breeze is so tempting you can’t help but swim. 

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. If you want to relax for  some few days  no need to worry though the  place is far from the city and not so known from the outside world there are some few resort  open to public  which you can rent for a night or two, accommodation is cheaper than the usual one since not so many knows the  beauty of the place yet, you can visit  “INDAY LIZA RESORT ”  or  SKIP RESORT for your over night  stay. If you want adventure  you can ask the local if they can let you rent a small boat (bangka) so you can visit  the  chocolate island and  go for a deep swimming or you can visit ROCK RESORT for  some diving experience. For  food and other  stuff  you can  order  from the  resort  you’re staying or if you want junk food and other  ready to eat food  there are sari-sari stores (small stores) where you can buy them. There’s a lot of ways to spend  your days in Agujo however h i would suggest spend a day in the beach when the tide is  low bring your favorite book and grab a glass of cold drink like an ice cold beer or  a frozen margarita or if you are not the bookworm type of person you can remove your sandals  take a walk or sit in the sand and watch the sun goes up and down and enjoy the day as it passes… it’s such a nice place sometimes it makes your heartaches but most of the time it makes you smile. So in your next trip .. check the place.