Somewhere North

Located in the northern part of Cebu Philippines  this place is a  hidden paradise in Samboan. Fantasy  Lodge is a private resort five hours away from the city of Cebu. Going there is  a bit  challenging  due to the long hours of travel, however the  moment  you set your foot in this little haven you’ll forget how exhausted you are , the place is literally small compared to the usual resort that we visited before  but the ambiance is great, if you want  to relax and  just wanted to stay away from the busy city life, this is the right place for people who wants to relax and do nothing for a couple of days. The food is a bit expensive if you travel on a budget but it’s worth it. I will surely come back if I have the chance.



New Year


2016 It Is !!!!!


Another year, and once again as a tradition here’s a simple glimpse of what I thought my 2015 was.  It was tough almost to a point of depression but I made it through every rain and storm that came along.  Skipping most of my yearly routine was worst but it made me realized that letting go of something is not easy but possible. Climbing through the ladder to reach my dreams was not a smooth way of going up there, but since there’s no other way but up, I did my best to make it possible. Now the time has come to look back to  what has been, I must say just like the previous  years there are still things that I haven’t done that  I’m supposed to do, mistakes that I made that shouldn’t be, opportunities in front of me but I miss to recognized, failed attempts that leads to frustration, people I thought worth it but  was not, there were disappointments, plans that were never realized, needs that  was not met, but in the end  I’m still thankful because there were  prayers that were answered  even if it was  in a different way,  blessings poured in everyday, laughter, fun, love, friends that made me feel complete, people who stick with me in spite of my imperfection, friends that stayed all these years even if communications were rare, travels that were unexpected, new friends that’s worth keeping, and most of all, I can never trade that one moment when  we were all together complete as one family, bonding and knowing each other again, those are priceless blessings that I’ll never get tired of reminiscing. Looking back it was a one good year full of challenges, lessons and adventures.

As I look forward , I am praying that  2016 will be a better year, way better than all the other years that had passed, I know there will still be a lot of challenges along the way but I guess the year started right, a new place, a new perspective, new plans, new hope, new motivation almost everything is new, It all started with something new  and I’m going to do things one day at a time until everything is on it’s right place, I know  it’s not going to be easy however I’m also confident that  it’s going to be worth  it.

So here we are 2016 let’s hop in, starts another journey and rock the world right.  Remember to choose the positive side, no matter how tough your day is, smile because everytime you do the world will smile back at you. Happy New Year Everyone.


drained .. dried … and done

after a 5 day vacation  i can’t think straight on what to do next  .. where to start again in this state where  everything is just totally  broken … dreams .. heart … soul … and mind  … it’s like I’m trying so hard t keep everything in place and it’s like I’m here one meter away from myself looking at it destructing itself, and no matter  how I tried  I can’t do anything to stop it. Everything is just a mess and I don’t know how to clean it anymore I’ve been cleaning all my life and it’s just  messing up every moment,  i tried to start  all over again … even prayers right now is freaking me up … i don’t have the courage to kneel anymore  to say just a one word prayer,  I’m too drained to move.. to dried to continue … and done with everything … this is all making me numb no matter how i tried to wiggle myself it’s not  making me move anymore… how long will it take I don’t  know …  I’m not even trying to hope because even hope scares me. If this will end, I’m wishing this will end too soon because it’s eating me so badly.

I was reviewing my draft and saw this piece some few years back that was left there unpublished  I can’t believe how depressed and shattered I was at that time, so I’m posting this now because I think it’s worth reading.  Also  to remind me that there is nothing constant in this world including failures and pains everything will all pass. I am  happy now not the happiest but I am happy and it’s a nice place to be.

Looking Back

Five years ago I started blogging with, as I was reviewing everything I’ve written and noticed all the grammatical errors of what I’ve previously written  I am still thankful that someone introduced me to this site, it gives me the freedom to express my emotions at a given moment, the opportunity to show the world what I’ve been to, the chance to share my travels and the captured moments, but most of all this is my little place to cast and practice what I love the most writing. Today after all those years of writing although there are a lot of changes that happens to this site and the way things are posted, nevertheless it taught me one thing that no matter how the world had become very dependent on technology, there is always comfort in sitting down and writing what you feel and what you want to express and jotting down your thought with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine is as heavenly as watching the sun goes up and down. As I continue with this passion though not all the time those right words pop up in my brain cells, I am still as excited as the first time I laid my fingers on the keyboard to make a starter piece of my site. I am just hoping that this year I can share more moments, more words, more pictures and more expressions.