Looking Back

Five years ago I started blogging with wordpress.com, as I was reviewing everything I’ve written and noticed all the grammatical errors of what I’ve previously written  I am still thankful that someone introduced me to this site, it gives me the freedom to express my emotions at a given moment, the opportunity to show the world what I’ve been to, the chance to share my travels and the captured moments, but most of all this is my little place to cast and practice what I love the most writing. Today after all those years of writing although there are a lot of changes that happens to this site and the way things are posted, nevertheless it taught me one thing that no matter how the world had become very dependent on technology, there is always comfort in sitting down and writing what you feel and what you want to express and jotting down your thought with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine is as heavenly as watching the sun goes up and down. As I continue with this passion though not all the time those right words pop up in my brain cells, I am still as excited as the first time I laid my fingers on the keyboard to make a starter piece of my site. I am just hoping that this year I can share more moments, more words, more pictures and more expressions.


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