The Occidental Side of Negros

From Silay  City, Talisay, and Bacolod City .. we experienced it, not all, but enough to create a memory we will treasure forever. Here’s our one day trip. Campuestuhan, The Ruins, Balay  Negrense, St. Paul Tower, Bacolod City and Silay City Capitol and Sebastian Cathedral. Pasalubong Center. It was a trip full of greenery and fresh air. I will be back for more one day.  10300986_1110971635586075_3546740750118735816_n 11251205_1111285262221379_3420372766545532168_n 11257116_1110972335586005_4392816801005250425_n 11310914_1108147355868503_2112730071_n 11350426_1110980405585198_2522337140712584463_n 11356232_1108143732535532_1234655699_n 11401331_1110980258918546_5305083019945232827_n C360_2015-05-31-10-22-54-881 C360_2015-05-31-11-16-55-638 DSC02101 DSC02113 DSC02130 DSC02139 DSC02155 DSC02174 DSC02216 unnamed (7) unnamed (10) unnamed (11) unnamed (14) unnamed (25) unnamed (28)


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