Birthday Climb

Just like last year I decided not to have a  party  for my birthday celebration,  I opted for  an unusual one you know  for  a change, every year I always do something different  for my birthday,  I ask an office friend  if I can go mountain climbing with them,  so  this year I  joined with  the mountaineers  and celebrated my birthday  on the top of the world with strangers,  people I just met, climbers who doesn’t mind tagging  someone who climb so slow it ate their  time waiting for  me to  go back in  track,  I rested too many times, grasp my breath too many to count, but in the end when we reached in the mountain top, set our  tent in the camp site it was  one helluva feeling of I made it in spite of how  steep and narrow the  road is, no matter how slippery it was  i made it on the top. After that  they cooked our food I was in awe of  how they prepared a birthday celebration for a stranger like me, there were balloons, cakes and spaghetti .. yes they cooked that  too, and the giveaways my friend prepared for me I was just one happy celebrant,  I was amazed on how they put all those utensils in their back pack, In other words it was one celebration I will never ever forget  in my lifetime because of that  I gain new  friends, I tried a new adventure and  prove to myself it’s not about age it’s about the courage and perseverance to conquer what you think is impossible. And in my heart I will forever thank my friend for arranging everything, for the strangers I will always be grateful for them to celebrate  this special day with me.  Here’s to my 38th mountain top birthday in Mt. Lanaya, Alegria Cebu Philippines.



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