summer 2013 – first stop oslob, cebu

’twas a summer bonding  of friends who loves adventures and cherished memories. so we decided to  travel to the beach, but not just an ordinary one, to a beach with  friendly giants. Here’s our first  summer fun watching the famous  whale shark in a place not so far  from the city.

It was  a 2 to 3 hour drive  from  the heart of cebu city, we took the  public bus called ceres liner , for less than 5 usd  you’ll enjoy the  travel in an airconditioned bus. We were greeted with this  nice  lady called  gailey at BCD resort. The place is good, the  people are even better,  the staff  as well as the owner were  very accommodating,   what’s lacking is the accessibility of the  food  they don’t have a 24 hour  food service,  so if you want to take your lunch or dinner  you have  to go to a near tiangge or the market  or just simply look for another place  to eat, they can also cook  for you but you have to arrange it with them  in advance, the moment we arrived,  off we go to the  seaside  little  market to ease the  hunger of a traveler, after that we explore the place, what’s good in the place   is that the beach is not yet commercialized so you’ll enjoy the  touch of nature  in a very natural way, the beach is not sandy, it’s actually  so rocky but the waves .. oh the waves is so enticing you can’t help but swim.

The following day was when  the fun begins, whale shark watching was both  unforgettable and breath taking. You only have to  pay about 12 usd for a 30 minute fun with the  whale, that amount includes  the snorkel gear that  you can use if you decide to dip in the water and  have a closer look of  the  whale, but if you only stay in the boat and  just  do the viewing you’ll  have  pay less than     10 usd. It was a 30 minute fun  that you will cherish forever.  Although we decided to not explore the place  but there are other  places to go  to after whale watching like a falls that is  a 5 minute ride from where we are , but we decided to just enjoy the beauty of the sea and  the fun in the sand, we decided to just swim and visit other attractions next time.  As  we prepare to go home this gentle giants sure had put a smile  in our face and happiness in our hearts. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

Here’s a  some pieces of memories we had in Oslob Whaleshark watching. enjoy watching our summer fun with the sea the sand and the shark.

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