My Battle with Uterine Myoma

My 7, 2012 almost a year ago when i was diagnosed with this life changing illness called uterine myoma. I  don’t know what to do or what to decide when the dr told me the only solution as taking out my uterus or hysterectomy, it made my whole body numb my freeze and my world crashed into pieces, i feel like floating into nowhere with nothing in my mind but the word WHY. For awhile  i was lost, but i have to fight back i told myself  I have to come up with my own solution, so I searched the web,  there was a lot of  alternatives and thank  God there’s a lot of website that offers helpful natural remedies however there’s a lot of things to consider also, my location, my lifestyle, and most of all my finances, and  i just can’t leave my evening job to change a lifestyle because it’s my bread and butter, so i decided to go on anyway, natural remedies although i mixed it with some injections that my dr. suggested,  it works for a while but when  i  stop having the injection because it was so costly and it lowers my bone density the myoma get bigger so I decided to try another natural remedy  it works but it was so costly  and it’s hurting my finances so badly, so i have to stop for awhile, right now I’m still battling with this foreign body living inside me but I have to fight back I’m thinking that maybe if ill find another alternative of  making this shrink it will help me go through this struggle. I’m still hoping  that one day I will not end up with that  knife in my skin, I’m still praying that somehow the natural remedies that I will be trying in the next days will work and eventually will make this tumor smaller. As i go through with this life’s trial, I realized that i have few friends yes but they’re real and been there all the way making me feel I’m not alone, and that although not all,  but your family will always be there no matter what,  even if they can’t do anything. As i continue to survive I’m thanking the Lord everyday that even if I have a lot of why me questions i’m still here still have the  chance to wake up each day feeling blessed and loved. I will not quit, i will not stop until i win this battle.


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