year ender 2 – kissing 2011 goodbye …

after  all the Christmas  rush and panic shopping, here’s another  special occasions a lot of  people are anticipating  some  wants it to arrive, and for some, they want the time clock to just stop for a moment so new year’s eve will not  come yet , as for  me , I’m starting to kiss 2011 goodbye.. just like the previous years  I’m going to leave all the pain behind  .. all the shattered dreams and  hopelessness … I’ll try to embrace the coming year  with open  heart  .. open mind.. hoping against hope that  somehow  the happiness that I’ve been looking for in the last few years of my  life will finally find its way to my heart …  it’s not  gonna be easy  but i think I will survive just  like  in the past, however  even if  in this state of  hopelessness I’m taking my chances in any way I can  to  finally arrive to that  place where I feel completely  happy. As i kiss  this year goodbye .. I’m gonna bring with me  the memories of  happy times though not that much but  it helps me a lot .. i’m gonna look forward to a  brighter 2012 with new friends around  and some few old friends to keep. So here we go some few days  before we finally shout  HAPPY NEW YEAR  one and all !!!!


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