i call you pApA …

they call  you in different ways .. daddy .. dad .. abba .. father..  tatay  … in so many ways  you are described .. in so many ways  you were appreciated … today  everybody is celebrating you’re day .. my memories of you is clear and  simple  you might not  be the best ..there are a lot of things that i think you haven’t  done  for me or  i wish you did.. but then the time i spent with you was worth remembering .. those times  when i am sick  or i get hurt,  i can’t remember  any moment  that you weren’t  there .. those times that  we  don’t  agree at some point but then, you  never stop  to  make me feel that  even if  other  people are part of your  life  i was the  most important  of them all.. you are the  one who taught me that rules are not  so  important for a girl like me,  all i need  is just  love .. that  no matter  how everybody don’t understand  who  really  i am, or  even if  you will never understand the me in me .. I’m  still your daughter  and that  is the only thing  that  matter .. and no matter  how many times  i fail or stumble  … you will always  be  there ready to pick me up and carry me.  now that another  fathers day passed … even if you’re not here  anymore  and the next fathers day to  come  .. even if  you’re not  watching  me anymore the way you did  before …  i will always  be  grateful that i am  your daughter and  yes  i call you PAPA .. cause i will forever be a PAPA’S girl.  Happy fathers day papa  from my heart here on earth to your beautiful soul there in heaven.


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