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re-posting my Melaka experience

this trip to a land not so famous but so historic  was unexpected, didn’t even bother to entertain the thought about traveling to another place before i’ll get a job. unfurtunately fate played around and brought me up this no choice option but to exit somewhere hoping against hope that my stay in Singapore will be extended. So here I am packing my bag  with  my uncle spending a weekend  and 5 weekdays in Melaka. I call it the land of cars. I think 80 % of the people is driving car from student  to the oldest folks in town.  it’s one nice cozy city (as per my uncle’s colleague),weather   is  extra hot it leaves you burning inside out … or maybe because it’s already summer.

Batu Berandam is a small  town or I’m not sure if it’s a town actually it’s a small place where some of the biggest company is located like the company where my uncle work. Coming to this place is like going back to the Philippines  it’s just that  reality hurts but it’s true the place is really  clean in spite the fact that the people are not really that  into cleanliness as the  Singaporeans, nevertheless it’s still clean. We are staying in this nice hotel called HOTEL 906 (read as  ninety-six). They have this  nice little resto bar downstairs called STATION 1 where they serve pure fruit juices with unusual glasses.. yummy sandwiches the Malay way.. they have live band  every nite and they have this water mist that makes the store cooler in spite of the hot weather and take note it’s wifi. Around the area  there’s a lot of fast food chain not McDonald  or KFC but small restoran as they call it .. my fave chicken rice, oh they cook it nicely and the noodles  in the street area it’s just as delicious… then my favorite place OLD VILLAGE CAFE run by a nice Chinese  lady called Cecilia with her son who do the serving every morning before going to school… from Chinese to western  cooking  it’s just almost perfect .. my fave variety of toast and coffee it’s a perfect combination.. their Hongkong  noodle and the chicken wings is a must eat as well.

Makota is a small City  in Melaka where hotels of different kind  is located.. from lodging houses to a 5 star hotel like holiday inn and renaissance .. i call it the place where history and the new generation meets..it’s amazing how they develop the area and preserve the history at the same time  .. from the bastion to the ruins of St. Paul church it’s there with the ancient tombstone still standing with their sad dedication stating how the person was loved in Dutch  language most of the time 😉 i just pretended i understood all those hehehe…the Anglican church and the museums where just as good .. and how  they put up all the new  building and not ruining whatever is left from their ancestors. ‘Twas one place that tells a lot of stories of how the past hurt them and made them happy at the same time.. of the past struggles and  how they survive it.  

BUS– it’s the wisest way of getting places but you have to wait like 45 min to get a bus since almost everybody has a car even the man who is selling noodles  along the street owns one, what’s amazing is when you see the lady cleaning your room own a toyota. 🙂 anyway in all those times that  i was roaming around Makota and Melaka Central I’m not so sure  if it’s because it’s weekdays but i noticed I’m the only person walking in the street together with the never ending line of cars and most of the time looking at you maybe wondering  what happen that you’re  alone in the street. Yes there are taxis but as the local told me “don’t ride  a taxi it will slaughter your pocket to the maximum level hehehe . :-)” it’s was  a sweet warning though.

Weekdays –  I’m all alone  riding the bus … going back and forth to makota, getting lost and  talking to people who looks at you like you’re an alien because they don’t understand  what your talking  .. but i learned something getting frustrated will not help you at all …. it’s enjoying and embracing the moment that makes everything worthwhile.. so that’s what I did … i feel like  a 2 year old kid  lost in the middle of the  mall and all you know is your name 🙂 . So from Monday to thursday I went to the same department store TESCO in melaka central …roam around the same mall in makota ..HATTEN and PAHLAWAN, i’ve taken the wrong bus more than once ..waited for a bus more than once only to find out that it’s not the right place , i felt like i’m a moron and an idiot more than once hehehe .. asking people  in like this and that  language 🙂 twas an experience of a lifetime. What amazes me is that  there was never frustration felt, yes upset, tired maybe and at the same time helpless but in being that state i learn the freedom to just walk and see what’s on the other side .. the freedom to smile to people you don’t know .. the freedom to talk to strangers w/o being afraid .. the  freedom to watch people  go by.,,,one day  i’ll be back and explore you some more ….MELAKA



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