Agujo Hibernation

I was looking for a place to hibernate because time and  circumstances are playing  so hard i can’t  take it anymore i just want to  stop for awhile go for a slow ride and breath,   i end up with this place called  AGUJO located at the end  part of Daanbantayan in the province of  Cebu a  4  hour drive from the city, you can either take a  bus at northbound terminal near SM or v-hire for a round trip fare of less than 300 php you will reach this  amazingly beautiful place. The sand is sugary fine and  the shore line when  it’s low tide extends like  until it reaches the horizon the water is so clear you can see the starfish crawling all over and if you want to talk about fresh  air  i can guarantee anybody you’ll get the freshest air you could ever imagine, though it’s along the  highway the sea breeze is so tempting you can’t help but swim. 

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. If you want to relax for  some few days  no need to worry though the  place is far from the city and not so known from the outside world there are some few resort  open to public  which you can rent for a night or two, accommodation is cheaper than the usual one since not so many knows the  beauty of the place yet, you can visit  “INDAY LIZA RESORT ”  or  SKIP RESORT for your over night  stay. If you want adventure  you can ask the local if they can let you rent a small boat (bangka) so you can visit  the  chocolate island and  go for a deep swimming or you can visit ROCK RESORT for  some diving experience. For  food and other  stuff  you can  order  from the  resort  you’re staying or if you want junk food and other  ready to eat food  there are sari-sari stores (small stores) where you can buy them. There’s a lot of ways to spend  your days in Agujo however h i would suggest spend a day in the beach when the tide is  low bring your favorite book and grab a glass of cold drink like an ice cold beer or  a frozen margarita or if you are not the bookworm type of person you can remove your sandals  take a walk or sit in the sand and watch the sun goes up and down and enjoy the day as it passes… it’s such a nice place sometimes it makes your heartaches but most of the time it makes you smile. So in your next trip .. check the place. 


2 thoughts on “Agujo Hibernation

  1. How much would it cost for an overnight stay in inday liza resort? and good for how many coz’ i tried to look for some info’s about their resort..but i can ony gind videos and friends are planning to have their sembreak there..thank you! god bless!

    • hi there im not sure about the rate of inday liza resort but, ill try to get some information for you, ill give you some feedback 24-48 hours but im sure its affordable, anyway from which location are you coming from.

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